on digital labor

The global worker built most of what developing countries or even industrialized ones what it is today. Dubai’s development for example is dependent on migrant workers from outside their country. They are mostly from India and Philippines, and most of them are actually skilled at some fields but they just needed to go outside their country to earn more. In some developing nations migrant workers normally don’t get the same treatment as their counterparts who are citizens of the country they’re the ones that get the layoff first since this is not going to look right politically if they don’t give priority to residents. Transmission reveals this same dilemma, the protagonist is very skilled but undervalued by the company because of his status as a migrant worker. They ignore some value in them. The treatment migrant workers receive from their employers may actually be based on where they come from. I’m not familiar of any statistics about treatment of American workers working for a company overseas than their migrant worker counterpart from elsewhere say from Brazil or China. Magazines or books may ┬ámention conditions encountered by these workers but transmission goes more in depth and humanized the situation.


film noir/neuromancer

I have not seen movies in black in white until Ive seen this film pickup on south street. Im just not interested in the production value but so far I realized they do the same thing as a car would take you from point A to point B. I also normally don’t read fiction books because I always get lost somewhere in between the chapters but they do serve a purpose where you pause and think about culture during the time when the book was written and how they perceive the future. In neuromancer there are a lot of things that shouldnt be in there, like a future without horses but casettes, 3 megabytes of RAMs and payphones still dominate the landscape. The similarities between pick up on south street and neuromancer is in the plot. The main characters mostly know how to navigate the underbelly of society and they include sexual tension maybe to keep readers and viewers from getting bored to death. They both got to have a seemingly attractive lady character to keep things interesting and of course they are paired with the protagonist. Ultimately, the main characters are on a mission with someone initiating it and forming a team to accomplish the task. The plot focuses on the fantasies of that time and what can happen basically they are assuming these things would happen. Pick up on south street focusing on communism and neuromancer tinkering with possible future technologies, both really didnt get every detail right but they captured where the trend was going.